What clients say about Out of the Blue Coaching

“Four months of great, supportive yet challenging coaching, taking me into new territories and always feeling safe. Lynn has a calm, reassuring way which really helped me look at some difficult issues, and I am doing things so differently as a result. I recommend her most highly - if you want to be a new person, then Lynn is the coach for you.”
Tony Family Doctor

“Lynn, I greatly valued your finely-tuned listening skills; your ability to slice through the “blurb” and help me get to the core of the issue. Your coaching has been instrumental in helping me to confront and deal with difficult issues and decisions that have presented to me, enabling me to continue moving forward in my life at a pace that suits me. Above all, I am very pleased to say that I am completely happy with the paths that I have chosen consequent to your coaching.”
Rita Environmentalist

“Lynn’s coaching calmed me considerably - the most important thing I learnt was I CAN DO IT! I have had people comment that I have changed - that I am more open and good company. One of the most important aspects from the programme was dealing with the negative voice inside my head, which until talking to Lynn I was completely unaware of! To have access to coaching of this nature for me was a real help and support and I always looked forward to the coaching sessions. I am now a better person because of it.”
Julie Artist

“Coaching has enabled me to realise my potential by changing my habitual negative thought patterns and beliefs about myself. I am now accomplishing things I previously only dreamt of. Without Lynn's perceptive and supportive style of questioning I know this would never have happened.”
Tina Consultant Speech & Language Therapist

“The coaching programme gave me the space to step back and rethink my life. It has helped me come through a difficult time better informed, more self aware and more confident.”
Wendy School Teacher

“Lynn blended respectfulness, safety, humour and extreme attentiveness during our coaching sessions. This resulted in some huge developmental changes for me which have already stood the test of time, and have led onto more self generated learning! I feel very privileged Lynn to have experienced your wonderful coaching. Thank you!”
Phil Police Officer

“An enthusiastic, trustworthy and tenacious coach, Lynn challenged my wilfulness and helped me realise I was not being really honest with myself. She helped me become aware of my negative beliefs and showed me how easily they could become positive. Lynn was there for me when I was beset by self doubt and through her support and encouragement I was able to successfully put the spark and passion back into my work and my private life.”
James Designer